what does it cost build house fragile girl was the author of beautiful mansion containers

Build A Container Home Now

The girl herself has built a dream house.
"Do you want something done right, do it yourself" – such thoughts were ruled by a fragile girl from Quebec (Canada), deciding to build a house. With calculating all the "professionals" and "cons", with the help of her home, she took containers, made all the calculations, supervised the process of building the building and Get your dream house.

Claudie Dubreuil – the girl who designed the house herself.
Claudie Plug (Claudie Dubreuil) works General Contractor in one of Quebec companies. By the nature of her profession she has to deal with serious and long-term projects. But when it came to building their own home, Claude would approach the matter creatively.

House 4 containers.

The interior of the house from the containers.
To complete her plan, she took overBost├Ąder base 4 sea containers and placed them on top of each other, while getting over 2 floors. Outside, the resulting structure was dressed with natural numbers and inside the container covered in white color. All wires were pulled out and hidden under the skin. From this inner space are left only in profit.

Modern house made of 4 containers.

Modern house made of 4 containers.
To get your dream home, the girl had to spend on him $ 350,000. Architects Arcgency's Danish bureau designed a different house, which is based on three marine containers. Construction technology is so simple and efficient that its construction takes very little time.