the technology laying laminate floor

How to Install a Laminate Floating Floor |
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Before installing the laminate on the floor, brush to the coarse flooring indoors as well. You can check this with a water pass. If the floor will be uneven, they need their focus, such as a dry installer technique. And if there are small depressions and cavities, for proper folding of the laminate can be simply fluffering with a special solution.

And so, you have done a preliminary draft work, buy the right amount of packaging laminate with you and he was taken to the site. Do not stress to open the package immediately and start the lid. Because the technology laminates on the floor that requires getting used to the floor covering to the conditions at room temperature. Let your packing them in the room for 1-2 days.

For proper placement of the laminate, the prepared base substrate laminate flooring, diffusion, and all joints connect with tape.

Better if it will become a cork, it will protect your laminate floor from moisture, heat and add additional sound insulation, as well as conceal minor irregularities in the floor.

Stick to technology to lay laminate flooring, start laying first horizontal row of laminate flat angle stykuya ends in the board. Further customization will be on this series is very important to mount it properly. When he reached the last board in the series, measure its length and cut, taking into account the gap. Remember that for proper folding of the laminate, it is necessary to take into account the gap between the laminate and the wall at both ends of the series, the minimum is 8 millimeters.

Now, the remaining piece of the laminate from the first series, if it is along the length of at least 20 centimeters, go first board in the second row. If Extension saves material and makes laminate cover image more impressive. This technique laminates on the floor makes the joints less visible.

If you do the Hoite Extension Board in 1/3, then 1/3 of the cut from the board and start the second row with her. Less of this option – nobody spreads laminate to trim away a lot of things.

The next series goes the same way as the first row.

Connect both series, if necessary, then onto them with a hammer and nastavki.

The resulting surface of the image from the floor to the wall and place the wedges to those you can use the remains of the laminate.

When you reach the final strip, it may not fit between the wall and the surface of the finished laminate. Measure the distance in some places between the wall and ready to laminate. Draw a pen to mark the desired laminate strips and saw a jigsaw. Add as before, with the desired gap.