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Shades of Green for the Modern Home
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Green can rightly be called the most comfortable, nice and fresh colors throughout the palette. And although it only causes positive feelings and very pleasant association, such as a forest, lush foliage, colorful herbs and minerals of incredible beauty, like an emerald.

Use green – it's a bralance pad to create the perfect home interiors, filled with an atmosphere of relaxation and peace. This wonderful color has a unique anti-stress effect, for example, he dampens very carefully conflicts.

Green – since ancient times considered to be a symbol of life, beauty, freshness, and fertility umirotvoreniya.Chto regarding the values ​​of this color, it lies essentially in its neutrality. On one side of the green – a symbol of nature and youth, but on the other hand – it points to a certain omeness.

It is believed that the green – is the most conservative and static tsvet. Konechno does not carry an explosive impulse that would cause a person's sudden mood swings and increased his concern. Yet, no matter how rich and dynamic there is no life, it is sometimes necessary to stop and try to relax as much as possible. And to do this it is best to either the nature or the home "green" interior. This color is very beneficial to the human psyche. It is because it promotes relaxation and also provides a feeling of security. In our turbulent times – this is exactly what you need!

It is worth noting that the green color is the combination of the blue and yellow colors. Consequently he "inherits" the quality of both. Of course, the color is very varied and versatile. There are several dozen of his colors: lime, green tea, asparagus, light green, chartreuse, camouflage green, forest green, harlequin color, tall, swamp green, bright green with a yellowish hue, gray asparagus, fern, Islamic green, Persian green , the color of moss, the myrtle, olive, gray-green, emerald green, and many others. Each of these colors is unique and, of course, has a special aura.

In addition, is suitable for one or each of the demandra purposes. For example, if you choose to register one of the shades of green, large floor space, then you should pay attention to dark green color, but for details you can use some bright shades. In the development of "green" designs should take into account what colors it can lift and shade, and with what, he is not "own". But the last option – in fact, it is very rare, because the green – is a versatile color, which will be a good complement to all colors. He can play as a subordinate role, and is an ideal background for "opening up" more interesting colors.

By the way, if you want to visually expand the space in the room, then proceed and glue light green wallpaper, which will be a real lifesaver. Different color shades can make an excellent combination. To make the children's ideal combination of colors like navy blue and bright light green color. Not bad will see and "vitamins" a combination of green and yellow colors.

In addition, you forget what sleeplessness, restless and disturbed sleep will sleep like a baby. Living room – this is also a very good place for "green". You can combine different shades of green with each other, or use unexpected combinations such as green and pink, green and red, or green and blue. The most important thing – that's the right proportions. Do not forget to complete the inner living green, favorite plants and flowers.

If you do not want green "caught" your apartment, you can safely use it in detail. Keep fresh feeling, but this color will not be too much. What kind of "pay" for information about this color – you decide.