The beauty and tenderness cuisine in style shabby chic

Rustic farmhouse style white and reclaimed wood, crystal

Love the chandelier in this rustic spacetough and tender

Beauty and serenity in the kitchen in the style of "chic shabby man"
A bit of femininity, a little rustic charm and getting an interior designers call "shabby chic". We provide a review of the 20 elements required to create amazing dishes that do not want and leave.

cream the tone

Really kitchen apron

Dark background for "Shabby Man chic" totally inappropriate. The room should be bright, light and open so the choice is to stop the cream palette.

In addition to color, texture is needed, because creating a kitchen apron is best not to give preference to elegance and originality and clarity.

wood articles

texture diversity

fresh flowers

To give feminine rustic space should really be fresh flowers. However, it is worth noting that they will be useful in every interior, as the room is filled with life.

rosy something

old furniture

The interior is necessarily furniture bearing a story. Some vintage that will give structure and unique character.

Eclectic blend

Do not be afraid to combine incompatible things all the time, from chairs to flowers and kitchen utensils. It's this eclectic and allows you to create a real "shabby chic".

Be sure to pay attention to the choice of fabrics used for curtains, tablecloths, aprons, towels. It can be lace or chiffon eccentric and always flowered fabric.

flowers throughout

If you go through flea markets, you can find a lot of interesting things that will be a real decoration of the kitchen. There may be interesting tables and grinders for spices.


May be useful even regular wooden pallets. Of these you can build a table or kitchen island. Old window frame can be turned into an original interior.

In no case can not be out of sight in the window, just to take into account that even the beautiful floral curtains must pass a maximum of light and emphasize individuality.

Victorian style furniture

Victorian-style candles are the best for the kitchen in the style of chic Shabby Man. They will help fill the interior of the female charm.


Floral print – an indispensable element for Shabby Man chica and food is also a concern. Blankets, towels, plates, cups – everything must be covered with lush flowers.