the art nouveau style in interior

Art Nouveau Furniture and furnishings u2013 The main
The Art Nouveau style began to emerge in 1890. Her ornaments and intelligent natural patterns great influence on the furniture and decoration.

There are some of good design styling spaces. Of these, the most universal is considered to be a modernist style. Such a conclusion can be made based on the orientation of its style and practicality to the functionality of each part of the interior. All rooms, regardless of size and layout, can be designed in a contemporary style. Price and furniture materials used for interior decoration have no particular significance. Every detail, such as decorative candle holders, can play a key role in designing the room than the expensive paintings and large statues. This is the treasure of modernity.

Modern decor in a style appeared in the European end of the 19th century, at a time when the style of the mess began. Its origin and facilitated the development of new development that has led to a shift to mass production. In the early 20th century, Art Nouveau spread throughout the country.

Despite the people's opposition, the design of the gran interior in style does not create special difficulties. Modern materials can significantly increase the chances for the realization of creative ideas. The most important thing – it is not removed from the main principles of style – soft lines and natural motives.

As a type of architecture, decor and painting, modernism began to fade in the second decade of the last century. The reason was technically complicated and expensive production of interior items. Products produced in a broad way, much shattered this fixed style position. One important it is reasonable that affected the style at sunset was the first world.

Residents of different states in different waysThis direction. In the United States, Tiffany, in honor of the famous designer, Yugentshtil – the name of modernity in Germany, is called the Austrian Secession, Art Nouveau – in England and Spruce style – in Switzerland. But the most popular other name Nouveau – Art Nouveau, as it is called in France.

Nouveau – a semi-circular space, soft corners in the corners, plastic furniture.

The interior is decorated in this style of perfect equipment, such as speakers or home cinema systems. In this sense, Spruce style is very similar to another common nowadays high tech style. But the technology in most cases comes in the interior of the foreground, and by modernity modern details are to be introduced into the interior more harmoniously.

A feature of Art Nouveau is a flower of flowers. This may be the wallpaper with the image of the plant stalks or flowers. Be aware that although the entire room is decorated in most cases, and the usual, simple presence of the chair in a semi-open bid gives reason to claim that it is modern. Often furniture and wallpaper are used with the image of butterflies, beetles, birds or leaves.

Special attention in interior decoration iGran interior is paid. In most cases, the interior is used rooflists, now replaced by stucco plaster, plastic or polymer structure. The interior doors are decorated with lead-stained windows, but the interior is a lot of textiles, tiles, bronze shapes and crockery. All this is a real decoration in the room in the style of Art Nouveau.

Art Nouveau differs from the other and design furniture. Cabinets, other furniture and kitchen equipment have rounded shapes, angles and heights, and are unusually bent legs. Furniture monochrome, it's likely combinations, such as white glass and black furniture. armchairs and sofas in most cases huge dimensions, made bulk and curvy. Clothing also paid a lot of attention, it should be combined with a pattern and color on wallpaper and curtains.

Main Art Nouveau – Beauty. The beauty of the interior, which will be appealing to the eye and give comfort. The interior in the style of Art Nouveau, under any circumstances, will not be uninteresting and inconvenient.

Characteristic of style is the amount of space available. In this performance, Spruce style resembles minimalism. The main purpose of the designer, wearing Art Nouveau style, has always been samoyed comfortable accommodation in the interior of furniture, allowing for maximum space.