small apartment 5 rules elegant interior

Photo by Bravo Interior Design

Elegant malogabaritki, 38 square meters

How to make a small and elegant interior look? Often this question takes on a backseat with regard to the practical use of space. I would like to make malogabaritki the most practical, but do not forget appealing design. We have found an alternative solution in a small but very elegant apartment.

A glass element that zoned partitions
In this small apartment as a reception We benefited fully: the kitchen is separated from the corridor through a glass wall in the living room table with a translucent surface, and the walls are decorated with posters and photographs under glass.

A glass wall separates the kitchen from the hall
To visually enlarge a small interior, you must use it for decoration of glass surfaces. This can be a partition wall, a coffee table with glass top, a vase or framed posters. Do not stain any space, if necessary, planned space and also reflect light and multiply.

On the walls there are many items under glass

Interior from a small kitchen
The apartment, which we are now waiting for in Paris. Its surface is limited to 38 square meters, but it is due to the visual reception seems to be larger. Kitchen Zone designated oblong rectangular tiles, which visually extend and widen the walls of the room.

Posters in square frames make the room more proportional

Transparent coffee table looks weightless

Interior always seems more precise, if there is no excess on horizontal surfaces. In a small apartment you have to stick to a permanent order, it will make the space visually bigger. in a Paris apartment with storage system just did – they hid in the closet, which is in the bedroom.

Hidden storage systems make the interior

interior corridor

Storage in a bathroom
Some people think that monochrome interiors look bored. We decided to check it out and picked up 10 steep examples of such spaces, which apparently do not get bored.