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Cool ideas for small apartments

The small apartment is always harder ask questionable and spacious. It is to create small interiors, the best ideas for space optimization are born. It does not know first-hand owners apartments, which area is only 17 square meters.

living room separated monochrome wallpaper
In the restricted area, it was not easy to place a sleeping and living room. Then the owners of the apartment use a trick. In the living room, they put more chairs like the echo color of the terracotta walls. During the day here a cozy sitting area, and in the evening chairs turn into a full double bed. To diversify space, the wall in the living room bedroom area is assigned monochrome wallpaper purchased on sale.

Mirror in a doorway
creative creative life in a small apartment vapor. The couple decided to formalize their home on their own. At the same time they want to get away from standard solutions. Some of the walls are painted in your favorite color of terracotta. In order to visually expand the space by means of a mirror, but are provided in a doorway. It is possible to create interesting visual illusion.

The seats are converted into a double bed

Dress in a small apartment
From the cabinet refused. Instead, established a mobile wardrobe, bought at IKEA. Some set rack boxes. It managed to fix everything you need. Hide wardrobe managed curtain with interesting floral patterns. She performs a decorative function.

It seems like it's just a street cookie

In fact, it's a mini-kitchen
There are some interesting tricks for small apartments, which should be considered.