perfect table for small kitchen most ergonomic ideas

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Compact tables for a small kitchen
What happens if a little space in the kitchen's usual table? There are options that will save a lot of space, while decorating the inside. In our review – the most ergonomic ones.

It is enough to raise the worktops sidewalls
Convert tables – just a donkey from above the woodwork. With this furniture will not be lacking additional places, as they are easy to enlarge a single movement. Sometimes it is enough to raise the side panels of the worktops. It's compact versions used more like a shelf for storage, which is very convenient for a small room.

save space
Appropriate when you can hide the table, and get it if needed. For this purpose, models are hidden in the headset. Well, if the table is equipped with a link wheel on the legs. This speeds up and facilitates the process of its use.

folding tables
When the kitchen varies from 5 to 10 meters, we need to find creative solutions on the furniture. Such an alternative is a folding table mounted on the wall. While feeding the controlled table (folded) do not bother moving the kitchen and do not spoil the decor, and when you need it turn into a cozy dining area.

Additional workspace

Compact round table

Rescued a mini-kitchen bistro table with bar stools. Ergonomic and stylish!

Compact solution from IKEA
To a small kitchen did not seem too confused instead of the traditional rectangular table, choose that model of a compact square. Put it in a window or in a corner of the room, to save a useful area.

Furniture in bright colors
• For a small kitchen, it is better to choose furniture made in bright colors. Dark color creates a feeling of moving space. • Mini kitchens are also suitable chair transformers and compact stools. • It is also good to use clear plastic (glass) furniture to make the interior easier. • It is worth remembering that in search of savings square meters do not forget about comfort. Construction and chairs must be suitable for height and width. • Sit down at the table, a kitchen should not feel uncomfortable. Legs should be placed at right angles to the floor. • If children are present, they should have some difficulty in moving pallets (chairs).

Transparent furniture makes the airspace

Convenient and convenient

Easy to move, even children

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