perfect reconstruction a country house

Modern Reinterpretation of a Private Rural House, Pennsylvania
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The ideal reconstruction of a country house
For years, this country house in North California occurred repairs, something in him after work, but could not achieve perfection. The new owners look at it with new eyes, hired a interior designer Laura Martin Bovard and transformed into a modern home with a warm family atmosphere using a standard house.

summer kitchen

Dining table in the garden

The house is inhabited: Family with three childrenPlats: Lafayette, CaliforniaAttach: 5 bedrooms, 4 bathroomsDesigner: Laura Martin BavardThe best house in the countryside must be harmonious with nature, the same can be said about this house. Before repairing a summer kitchen that is located on a pair of cement slabs, which sprinkled around gravel. On the yard grew a large tree, which gradually dries out, so the designer has decided to remove it. Instead of a tree that gave shadow canopy installed in the form of a wooden grid. He is now not only giving shade but also marked the place where summer the kitchen.

In the role of the dining table with elegant stand-up proportions and curved shapes, made of metal and wooden tables that complement the identical design chairs. Such furniture is perfect for open areas.

kitchen island

original seat

The kitchen is in the house

Not every time you eat in the free. The house also has a kitchen. Designer Quinn Morgan of Laura Bovard is located on the kitchen so the whole family feels comfortable in it. When the house has three children, so there is always, and their friends, so everything must be spacious and comfortable for work, and for shared dining.



Between the dining room and the kitchen was a place for the pantry. Bovard noted that near the house there is a kitchen garden, and therefore storage is a must in the house. Here the hostess keeps home conservation.


The dining room is separate from kitchen amenities. It has a comfortable sofa on three sides. The table is made by hand to order slices with an old vineyard. Since the dining room is located at the window, and on the table hangs the chandelier, the lighting problems do not come here anytime. In addition, from the window on a beautiful view.

According to Bovard during the repair of the homeowner how to save, and in some spend, including a chandelier from Ocher and chairs from West Elm.

bar counter

Designer for finishing the ceiling and cabinet used the panel to create comfort and mood. Next to the kitchen there is a dining room for more formal events. Yellow-colored walls with white lists have been in the house before the repair. Bovard just something gives the room a modern note to use chairs in the style of the mid 20's and a modern chandelier.

dining room

The table is made to order and increased, so with two pairs appeared further. Customers would be able to sit 10 people after him, but failed to realize the size of the room. Road out will be extra chairs that can be placed on both sides of the table. It does not matter how many people are at the table, everyone will be very comfortable, because the chairs are very comfortable, and the guests can sit in them for a long time. The table in the corner is a buffet. Garden tools, as decoration, presented to him, show the owners love for gardening.

Living room in the house – it is an interesting place, design that differs from others. The interior is a combination of dark and bright colors. Bovard's lounge was cozy and unusual, and she did it because of non-standard ceilings and resonance of colors. One of the couples managed to buy an old carpet, but it was too small for the living room, so the designer custom made similar to the pattern and color the carpet, but the corresponding size.

In the living room in different shades of gray

The room was interesting and comfortable for wall decor Bovard chose a deep blue color. For the remainder of light and darkness in the wall, has established a long comfortable sofa, tailored.

living room

The zone is located on the other side of the room for entertainment, which in color is combined with a deep blue color on the opposite wall. The windows are automatic curtains that let down, if the guests want to watch TV.