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After the initial design phase, once you have decided on the location where the plan to install the storage system selects its internal content, the scene will select the design wardrobe doors.

Standard equipment – Blind facades of particleboard (Particleboard), mirrored facades, and their various combinations. This is the most low-end solution, in addition to making it possible to correct the shortcomings of the room – for example, to extend it with mirrors.

In practice, it is often combined into a single product range of fronts to provide a variety of interior design solutions. Combined facades in the wardrobe make it possible to fit into any room style, and also make the main decorative part of the decor.

Through design, combined facades can be divided into several groups:


The most popular option depending on the low prices. Its main advantages: durability, mechanical strength, a variety of color plate making, easy maintenance and reliability. Lack of such facades the wardrobe door, just one – a rather modest look. Such a cabinet is likely to be noticeable in the interior, however, many such effects are sought.



So-called frosted glass, with its soil boring using hydrofluoric acid. The thickness of the glass is about 4 mm. It creates a transparent effect while hiding the contents of the cabinet and which makes it possible to navigate – it's there.


This option is often used in combination fronts wardrobes. Lakobel – Glass coated on one side of a layer of paint is usually colored.

Decorative glass or mirror

Facades door wardrobe of plastic – the budget budget option, offers great opportunities for combination. Plastic can be transparent, opaque or translucent, shiny or matt, and color, you can choose from dozens of different shades.




Design wardrobe with doorsLeatherette make solid storage system, a cabinet is especially suitable for offices or libraries in your apartment. Artificial skin may have a different color and texture, it is attached to panels of chipboard or MDF.


Paper that is glued to the back glass (or on the glass itself) is applied to an image of your choice. Usually every company has a collection of photos for all tastes, but you can use your personal images.