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Pretty intimate: how to hide the toilet
There is a dressing room element that surely can be called one of the most important, but make of this subject the spotlight nobody wants. It is the toilet. And hide it quite easily, though most toilets can not boast huge size. We suggest using some tricks.

The separation wall

Wall angle.

Low wall. Interior bathroom was created to maximize the open appearance, but not on the toilet. The atmosphere of calm fills the space. You can sit still in the bath, enjoy nature. Nearby there is a bench like putting towels, newspapers, and even a bottle of champagne. Low wall with wooden shelves seems to look simple and elegant, and hidden behind the toilet it's almost invisible.

Wall angle. A wall lined with tiles has become a spectacular backdrop. Hidden behind her toilet quite striking.


T-shaped layout


Zoning. Depending on the front door (and the bathroom can be two) the toilet either is not visible or is directly in front of the newcomer. There is a room in the room itself. Wardrobe, divide the space into two parts, will be able to accommodate all necessary things. A wonderful alternative to the wall.


Distraction bright colors

Eyes up. Mostly built baths do not occupy a central place in the room. In such cases, the sink is actualized. To derive attention from the toilet, the designer uses a flat of a saturated green color, which inadvertently raises his eyes up.

Accent the wall.

Accent the wall. Shower with the wall, lined with mosaics is quite clear task of diverting attention from the toilet. No less interesting solution will be a wall of natural stone. The toilet gets almost unnoticed.

Furniture. In the small bathroom it is best to play on contrasting colors. White toilet on a background of white walls is almost unnoticed, all attention switches color furniture.

Furniture as a distraction

Decorative elements. Sometimes it is necessary that the toilet was in a prominent place, only in another way not working. It is okay. Decorative elements in the form of a screen or a lamp come to rescue and divert attention. This can be an unusual sink. The flat shell, floating in the air, the original mirror frame, and only the last thing that looks drops on the toilet.

Decorative elements.

Uniqueness. And you can do quite differently, and distract from the toilet all the attention through its unusual shape or location. This bathroom is not one on the first try to guess where did it take the road.

Contrast. Dark gloomy colors bathroom toilet turned into the spotlight. A bold decision. But there are enough elements that immediately had to translate the view. You can do and vice versa. You can be sure that the toilet is almost lost on a light background. But even the Japanese can not think of an idea-dumping toilet. They dedicated a museum to him. Even Japan – an amazing country, where lots of fun and strange things can only be found here.