multifunctional sofa transformer from the factory campeggi

This short review will appeal to readersizainall, as we will focus on the cozy sofa and work height Emanuele Magini. It was presented by the Italian company Campeggi, to actively cooperate with the designer. Extravagant artist master combined beauty and functionality, after working on color and shape.


Model this sofa is very good audience assumed, carry out most of the day at home. It has long been awaiting a dynamic object that can be adapted to the surprises of different lives. The versatility of the product is amazing.

Soft sofa easily transforms into two chairs, an ottoman and screen-insulated work area.

Sofa Sosia has: Plastic rising side walls and a flexible backrest. If desired, it can easily be converted to a screen conveniently separated from the outside world. He immediately turns into an insulated bed. It is due to the characteristics of product design, there are a variety of scenarios.

The model two light but strong seats, bound fabric fabric. The soft durable material used, additional comfort like the backrest and armrests – can easily be removed if necessary. Panels are held together by a zipper.