luxury interior arabic style with modern twist

The luxury of interior in the Arabic style
The luxury of interior in the Arabic style with a modern twist. More information:

Luxury interior in Arabic style with a modern twist
Dubai and luxury – words are synonyms. Here, like in any place on earth you can find good homes whose beauty can rob the numbers. Emirates Hills Prestigious area has the most luxurious houses in the Middle East.

the main hall

The glass slide and a staircase to the second floor

Small living room in a nautical theme

The interior of the walls

A well-chosen accessory

Elegant dining room and kitchen

modern kitchen

Fantastic Villa-built Specialists Nikki B Signature Interiors. It completely conveys the atmosphere of modern charm east, demonstrating the economic well-being of the world.

The interior is made in an elegant style that combines functionality and aesthetics. The huge hall leads to a rather small living room, reminiscent of coral reefs, and a bottomless blue sea.

Large dining room

home office


The interior is largely natural stone

The big floor is stuck in the hallway

Glass shower and bathtub

Wood accents in the bathroom