ideas for interior design bathroom in khrushchev

Bath room khrushchev - how to decorate a
Small bathroom 3 m²: 70 photos, ideas for lay out and design; Interior

It is known that in small bathrooms Khrushchevov does not please the owners of space and scale. On the other hand, the need to save space is an interesting challenge for interior designers: how to hold everything you need in a small bathroom, and make it aesthetically appealing.

Bathroom in Khrushchev – is difficult for all object designs: it is much easier to place a large bathtub and a beautiful dressing table and a corner toilet with bidet, and a pair of mirrors. Another thing – small bathroom, there sometimes to place, in fact, a bath is necessary to sacrifice a sink. So, how to make a comfortable small bathroom.

Pay attention to VVSmenshegorazmera and ergonomic shape: no matter how you want to install a large sink, easy to install and a mirror, toothbrushes and a vase of flowers, but the best bathroom in Khrushchev will still be a small sink.

The same applies to the bath: small bathroom with shower will be the best solution. In addition, if you want to put in the bathroom and the washing machine will likely have to sacrifice the bathroom, replace it with a small shower.

Promotes portability and convenience with a wide range: pay attention to the space in the bathroom, where you can place your shelves, drawers, towel hanger.

It is possible to use the space to the maximum (and even necessary!): Over the door, over the toilet, in niches.