how transform small khrushchev 33 square meters saint petersburg

Communal Living in Russia

33 square meters in St. Petersburg

Many Russians still live in Khrushchev, there are problems with design and size. How to make a malogabaritki bright and cozy, with a multiply visual space? We found a decent décor in a St. Petersburg apartment.

solar heating notes
Not least the role in the interior played a tree. On the floor a bed stool, and as additional furniture selected cabinets and shelves with pronounced wooden textures.

Small but cozy
In this small apartment a lot of warm atmosphere prevails. There is cozy and sunny, possibly, this effect is achieved thanks to a successful color scheme chosen for the decor. The walls are not painted pure white, and added a little color turquoise and gray scale. This technology significantly updates space and is allowed to go beyond the stereotypes.

Unusual storage system
Notes of solar heat in the space made yellow elements that act as color stains. For toning balance on the floor spread a dark gray mat and complete its elegant ottoman.

parts of the interior

Stylish decor

Interior from a small kitchen

• If you want to make a small interior, it is advisable to use bright colors – white, gray, light green, turquoise. • Wood, natural materials, simple print and pronounced textures play to create well-being in the interior. • To set the dynamics in space, do not get around geometric patterns and prints.

The elegant kitchen apron

Cozy dining area

small bathroom
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