how to decorate the apartment with postcards

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great styling idea via Apartment Therapy Just had a great idea! On your trips, send a post card to yourself describing some of the little things that

Postcards – A very personal and moving way to transform your home before New Year, creating a warm, festive atmosphere. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of enjoying nice memories. And the ideas below can you do this simply and original.

Long beautiful bands or braid a small whiskey and postcard – starter pack for a festive mood! However, with some types of wallpaper, this idea becomes difficult.

In the past, a collector's records? Then somewhere in the compartment apartments really remained a lonely stand for the CD. Put it in the card slot and let guests feel comfortable in the record store.

Big frame with nets or an empty cloth – a great way to make your own masterpiece of enveloped memories.

Cheap and happy.

I think they only made up for this!

Make a unique vertical wreath, using a pair of wide stripes of festive colors and attaching them to the card with wooden clotheslines.