house interior design with timber

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There's nothing that tells more about our interior designs than seeing them. You can find some images of our interiors work below.

The tendency to build suburban, environmentally friendly materials, segregated trains around the world, and Russia is no exception. Many private buildings built of wood, so it is necessary to have interior designers, to find new solutions, for example for the construction of houses from laminated veneer wood.

A group of designers architecture studio, We developed a unique home decor from a bar. The total area of ​​the house, two hundred square meters. Through innovative approaches, rooms provide plenty of air and light.

The country's buildings in the northwestern part of Russia are rarely accompanied by an open pool. In this case, to complement the design of the house of laminated veneer wood, a small outdoor pool was formed, in keeping with the entire building.

Presented home furnishings from a bar, sustained in more than a low-key way, even bright colorants, coral on the stairs, turquoise in the common room, in the decoration of furniture and kitchen furniture. However, it looks flattened, but not enough "heat". Modern fireplace in a high drawer, Structured wall behind the TV panel, some soft the overall "cool" attitude.

One of the interesting and useful results in interior design from a bar, it is possible to note the wide window openings, the use of a variety of lighting and lamps, designer storage systems for the kitchen.

Design of houses from a bar: one bedroom β„–1.

Interior of wooden house: bedroom β„–2.

Design of houses of glued beams: bathroom.

Working drawings.