grandmas napkins in interior 15 elegant ways decoration with laces

Be inspired to create a gorgeous, rustic Thanksgiving tablescape with these Thanksgiving decorating ideas!

Grandma napkins in the interior: 15 elegant ways using the dot decor
When we think of the tip, we will show off the dress, curtains or grandmother's napkins. Some imagine how different may be the use of tips if you connect your imagination. In the interior, it looks very elegant and not at all pretentious. We offer the most interesting examples of using the tip of the decoration of the house.

From ceiling to floor

Elegant wall decor

Elegant wall decor

There are several ways to decorate roofs, but if you are interested in something unusual than a wall painting, sight glass or color, you should choose the tips that made designer Bella Tucker. See how it looks attractive tip in the light of chandelier. On the other hand, it can be decorated lace not only the ceiling but also the floor. Look at the beautiful lace blue shade. This entry is represented by HomeTalk.

If there is only a small piece of garment fabric rectangular shape, it is possible to decorate a wall in an unusual way, creating, for example, the basis for hanging decorations. In addition, small towels can also be a worthy way to decorate the walls. You can just hang them on the wall or placed in a frame, and then decorate the wall.

Lacy window

Lighting with "special effects"

lacy candlesticks

lacy candlesticks

If anyone is looking for a luxurious (but easy-priced) way of decorating candle holders in the form of glasses, he can use the idea of ​​the designers of the company Budget Decorator. This is a good way, especially if you do not want to spend a lot of money to implement the idea.

lacy pots

Flower pots in the tip

Lace in the kitchen

But we can not keep up with this. Seeing how to use lace can decorate kitchen utensils, creates a seemingly common object a new and exciting way.

Lacy suits the company's unique Chic Mosaic

Spets can find a lot of applications interior decoration, furniture no exception. Lace and color – it's all that's needed to create a unique design. In this case no special talent is required. Look at this amazing chest of drawers decorated with lace, from the company's Uniquely Chic mosaic.

In addition, bright colors can be used to create unexceptional types of furniture. Looks like a plain nothing attractive chair of my vintage Verve acquires a completely different look, thanks to lace and gilded color.

Chair of My Vintage Verve

The turn was released to something special and attractive, with the help of lace and color, the color chosen by the request, which made the designers of Inspired Inspiration. All sorts of things old-fashioned look amazing in the interior, if they choose the right place, for example in a country house Amanda Kreyms.

lace table