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Mobile bath XTEND tub.
Experienced designers and inventors listen to "mobile", even the most incredible things. For example, recently on consumer court mobile bath it was taken out. Now you can enjoy comfortable wearing in the correct sense of the word.

XTEND tub by Karina Deusch.

the bathroom has a thickness of 8.5 millimeters.

In this time of "mobile" are the bestotrost things: cell phones, laptops, mobile charging stations, kettle, microwave, coffee maker, tile and much, much more. But the designer Karina Deusch created a very real mobile bath, where you can take a full-range water purification. They named this wonderful invention XTEND tub.

Start, maybe a "shipping" Xtend quality bathtubs. As you can guess, a mobile bath – foldable. When folded, only 8.5mm thickness. Her weight at all attached to wearing additional elements is less than 7kg. without any difficulty in transporting XTEND bathtubs.

The relatively small dimensions of the folded bathing art let her also store in a wardrobe, put on a shelf or in a car. It should also be noted that the bathroom has a comfortable grip handle is located on both sides of his body.

As for the construction XTEND bathtub, hierenkel. In itself, the bath – a frame that can be transformed with a few simple movements. Earlier in the central part of the need to loosen a pair of feet, which later screwed into the bath design and let it stand. The entire installation process takes less than 5 minutes. It is also important that the work on installing XTEND bathtubs does not require any special tools. In fact, everything can be done manually.

After the frame is set, the userXTEND tub can only open and pull the cover pocket. This waterproof, completely dense case will actually play the role of "ware" to fill it with water. Separately, also worth mentioning of the valve, which is mounted on the side on the basis of one of the legs. And provided a mixer, as well as pressure guards. To summarize can be hot and cold water at the same time.

installation of Stage's XTEND bathtub.

Made of durable frame bathroom carbon fibers. Fabric used for the pocket – a three-layer, synthetic. Worrying about the sustainability of their hot water is also not worth it. Created the XTEND tub was at the end of 2015. Closed bathroom with public accessibility is scheduled for the coming months in 2016. The market value of the set is not specified.