Extractor fans for bathroom: any need?

Why Do You Need a Bathroom Extractor Fan
Why Do You Need a Bathroom Extractor Fan?

The major function of the EXTRACTOR FAN is to rid an enclosed place of heat and if there is a place where is least expected to have an extractor fan installed when planning our home- it is the bathroom. These fans are well utilized in factories were intense activities [both mechanical and manual] are daily routine- the reason for the need here, is unmistakable. However, when it comes to having one installed in the bathroom, many might count it needless yet its importance is not to be underestimated though however salient this (its importance) might seem.


If you are not convinced of the need for an extractor fan in a bathroom, you should have a rethink as you ponder on the benefits that the installation of an extractor fan can impart on your bathroom:

Extraction of moist air: Ever seen what a damp cloth looks like, coupled with the accompanying odour? -messy and smelly, right? That is exactly what you might get from a bathroom without an EXTRACTOR FAN. Due to that your bathroom is a place where moisture is naturally present, it gets really damp and sometimes odorous when the dampness is not taken care of. But with an extractor fan in place, the moisture gets to be dried out in time, leaving your bathroom fresh and dry.

Prevention of microbial activities: Closely connected to dampness is the presence of microorganisms- most microorganisms [especially mould in the bathroom] thrive in humid environment. This would not be a concern with the moisture already dried out.

Good ventilation: A home that is free from odour is a well ventilated one. Air should be well circulated in and around the home and extending this to the bathroom will certainly make your home a comfort zone after the day’s run-around. You wouldn’t want to come back home to rest in a repulsive ambience, would you?

Ridding of Heat: In hot summer seasons and even regions with very high temperature, even the bathroom will not be exempted from intense heat thus utilizing an extractor fan, does a whole lot of good.


EXTRACTOR FANS can be categorized based on EFFICIENCY and the POSITION that they are installed.

Based on the POSITION of installation, we have:

Roof Extractor Fans

Wall Extractor Fans

Window Extractor Fans

Ceiling Extractor Fans

Based on EFFICIENCY, we can have:

Axial Extractor Fans

Centrifugal Extractor Fans

Inline Extractor Fans

The Inline Extractor fans are the most powerful of the three and it is usually installed in loft or ceiling void; the Centrifugal extractor fans are in the intermediate as efficiency is concerned and it is used in rooms that are ‘boxed in’- those without exterior walls; the Axial extractor fans are usually mounted on the wall and are the least efficient.


Before put an extractor fan in place, there are certain things to consider and these include, but might not be limited to the following:

  • Zoning system: This is about the most important factor. It is necessary to know the range of each zone- there are 3 zones: zones 1, 2 and 3- because of the danger electrical outlet portends when water comes in contact with it. Zoning system may vary from one country to another but the first two zones are never places to install an extractor fan.
  • The size of the bathroom: this is another factor to be considered for the sake of getting a good result. The bigger the bathroom the bigger the extractor fan required- efficiency should not be neglected for size.
  • Noise: You wouldn’t want to be heralded into the bathroom by the noise of your extractor fan. To avoid this, it is essential to consider going for a noiseless fan when making a purchase.
  • Regulation: This must be put into account when you are living in a rented apartment that needs to be upgraded. You have to work with the consent of the homeowner.

Additionally, you might also want to consider the design and price of the various fans in the market. Know this: if you have got the right price, you can pick up the right design…the design might be as good as the price but be careful not to be fooled.