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The most successful epithets for this styleThey are a luxury and exclusive. Every detail here must be exclusive and original, but not intentionally curly and complex but refined. No wonder this style (Art Deco) Decor has always been a favorite among Hollywood stars and fashion creators.

This style appeared immediately after World War I. The desire for glitter and glamor was caused by fatigue from post-war poverty and misery. It was a kind of desire to start a new and better life, a rich life. In 1925, in style in Paris, an exhibition for the first time was Art Deco artwork. Soon this trend is spreading not only in the interior and architecture, but also in the fashion industry.

For style Art Deco is characterized by luxury, avant-garde and ethnic motivational countries. Strangely, this combination does not seem to be tasteless, but by this we allow ourselves to look at things from a new angle, creating a new trend. Sometimes it seems that the objects were created with some interpretations, which are bright and clear with the aid of a clever design.
Material for interior decoration in Art Deco-style used expensive and unusual. It can be leather, leather, silk, expensive exotic wood. There are popular shiny and reflective surfaces: crystals, mirrors, glass, metal (commonly used brass), polished to a marble finish.

One of the most important parts of this style is geometric forms and compositions thereof. First of all zigzag and rocks, generalized circles, squares, diamonds, triangles, vertical stripes, irregular geometric shapes. These elements can be seen on walls, ceilings, floors, and even decor.
With regard to the art deco decor, the use is of folk art of ancient civilizations in Asia and Africa. Especially wood, ivory and shine. But do not forget that all this should be a complement to contemporary art: paintings, statuettes, vases. The most common decoration has become a mirror

Art Deco is a pioneer and innovator – one's style is a lot of attention devoted to the light sources. And because – soon after World War II at home Europeans began to dive light – so it began to actively use. The industry quickly retooled to create the design of lighting and lamps. For Art Deco the most suitable style in a luxury crystal glass chandelier, lamp lights, floor lamps. Today, this style wins again and regains its popularity. Bohemian, exclusivity and luxury are fashionable again.