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House in a Scandinavian style can not accept pretentious, he always has a simple and beautiful shape, comfortable and cozy. Normally, these homes have one or two floors, no more than in this case is necessary to ensure a modern level of comfort in the room.

The Scandinavian-style house shows directly that its hosts are people with a developed sense of taste, which appreciate comfort and convenience. This style is more likely to choose middle-aged people, committed to the family's values.

As a rule, especially not trim facades, wooden houses covered with a special paint, sometimes shading applied, so that the texture of wood to play an important role in building exterior.

Window on the facade of a house in Scandinavian style generally they are large in size and heightened. Sometimes panoramic windows make it possible to drop a lot of natural light, which is a distinctive feature of the style. Large frames are made of wood and decorative function, emphasizing simplicity and environmental focus style.

Most often used for the roof of a country house in the Scandinavian style that uses shingles, it is also possible to use the metal for painting. Not badly see modern roofing materials from polymers.

Sometimes on the task arrange landscaping: planted lawn grass.

Since no wind or basement Scandinavian house, outbuildings arranged in separate buildings, designed in a common style. This, for example, a summer kitchen, storage space for storage of equipment.

Because sunlight in northern conditions on the facade of a house in a Scandinavian style with large windows is required and they go in all directions. Welcomed the unit skylights, as well as balconies and balconies. To heat do not leave the house because of the large pieces of glass panes, apply modern energy-saving windows with frames that simulate a light tree.

The spacious wooden porch – a distinctive wooden house in a Scandinavian style. In addition, often use the terrace, both closed and open – they increase the area of ​​†<†<cottages. Terraces have views either the garden or the street, giving the originality of the façade. Fences on these terraces can be provided, but are allowed and open versions, where there is no fence.