compact one storey house fincube

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Fincube, the small contemporary resident was designed by Werner Aisslinger from German, and developed with a South Tyrolian team, it's created near Bozen,

The uniqueness of this compact one-storey house is that it is completely independent. It can mount and disassemble virtually anywhere in the world.

This small apartment house provides its own function of solar panels and communications he does not need. The project was named by its creator as "Fincube".

Residential areas within a small mansion organized on the principle of the circle. That is, every zone follows it earlier. From the entrance there is a hall, a spacious area for living room, kitchen, the bedroom should be after, and her bathroom.

The minimalist design and the lack of partitioning a small cozy house allowed in the kitchen-the living room to maximize the space. Large windows and doors, the lack of handles on furniture, bright colors clean the entire room. All this creates an atmosphere of an entire room, and the room looks quite comfortable and easy.

The compact, one-plan villa designed from environmentally friendly and durable materials and every detail carries more and great functionality. Only one kitchen island combines not only the work surface, and a cooking plate and comfortable dining table. Around the island, comfortable chairs come, without any problems accommodating two people.

Due to the large bright windows and an end room with kitchen, not a living room in this small cozy house does not seem so small and narrow. And it looks stand-alone room with a sofa and wall shelves. Through the living room you can come to the bedroom.

The design of "Fincube" compact one-plane-use technology that can be applied in the architecture of any smaller property. Each of the walls includes the feature is very useful and necessary attachments. Every centimeter of this house is maximized. For example, in the bedroom partition with shelves used for storing books.