comfortable living 30 square meters an unusual malogabaritki budapest

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Plywood apartment of 30 square meters

When the apartment is on a small square, then by all means it is necessary to squeeze out the maximum. To do this, modern designers have resorted to the list and quite unusual welcome. Then it was with malogabaritki, located in Hungary's capital. To repair the involved minimum of resources and highly functional solutions.

Plywood – quite the budget and practical material


Furniture and furnishings of plywood
Repair a small apartment for two people-occupied in the Hungarian Design Studio Position Collective. Its experts have suggested using as a base material for creating furniture and interior plywood. Modern, durable and stylish materials came to taste the owners of the apartment. In addition, it allows the budget to save money, which is already limited to white.

Nice colors in a small apartment
Floor and part of the walls, it was decided to paint in a nice warm shade of gray. This made it possible for the situation to make an interesting, visually increase the area of ​​plywood and the balance of the apartment. As dilution turquoise and white colors were chosen, which could make room in healthy notes.

Kitchen and dining area

The only element in the apartment Zondeling is a network

Multifunctional plywood wall

Storage system hidden in high plywood mode. It fits lots of boxes and cells. This is a very cost effective and practical solution for small apartments and rooms. This allows you to get rid of excess furniture from the room and make the room more functional.

Everything is hidden in a plywood podium

The small and elegant bathroom
An excellent solution for small apartment can also be furniture matryoshka. It's great to decorate space and make it so functional.