budget interior upgrade for seven steps


Update the interior of the 7 steps

Spring – a time of change and renewal during this periodI want to refresh the interior, transform it and make it better. But what happens if your budget is limited? We found a lot of ideas and techniques that will help to update the interior for some money.

Curtains, pillows, pillow furniture, bed linen – all these elements are for internal renovations. Dark and deep colors should be replaced with light and air Kohler. Particular attention should be paid to the fabric with flower motifs and images of butterflies, insects and birds.

move furniture
The fastest and most affordable way to make a difference- Furnish in a room or the entire apartment. This method works for one hundred percent, giving the opportunity to show inventiveness and imagination, even though the apartment is small.

spring textiles

Elegant spring curtains

Add bright accents
For the spring season is characterized by bright color shades so important to dilute the interior juicy interesting accents. It can cut flowers in original vase, fruit on the coffee table or a color poster on the wall.

Accent and wall
There is a safe way to change the interior cost. To do this, select one of the walls in the room and do it on the emphasis. Choose it is possible using color or wallpaper. It is not zaymёm much time and does not require huge expenses.

wall ~~ POS = TRUNC decor ~~ POS = HEADCOMP
If tired of monotony, it will be diluted with an original wall decor. To do this you need paint, posters or vinyl stickers that perfectly complement the decor.

Vinyl Wall Decal

renovated furniture
Not necessarily buy new furniture make new notes in the space. For example, the chairs in the dining room can be painted, sofa group work, sewing a new seat pouch lid. The furniture will look new.

The interior is stylish and elegant Only if that case is observed in order. It is necessary to remove all excess from the horizontal surfaces, to avoid feeling messy. You must also take care of the organization of practical storage.

Elegant interior spring
We found 9 more elegant ideas to help clean up the mess around the house.