bed with secret their hands or where hide things

Firearm next to the bed | Man things
Firearm next to the bed | Man things | Pinterest | Guns, Woodworking and Hidden gun

Bed with a secret with their own hands or hide things

Built-in option in drawers nothing fits, all clothes are about to be thrown outside. The eternal problem – was to hide things, so that they do not bother, and always at hand. The solution is simple – in bed, because so much space is lost.


Correctly mounted bed can provide sufficient space to store not only clothes but also many other things. If the economy allows, you can go to the desired model in the store, and the golden hands masters have the opportunity to show their abilities. To produce "right" can be a bed and with their own hands.

Bed on a platform

Bed on a platform

The bed can be mounted in any niche

Uncomfortable angle in the bedroom can develop nostalgia, but if you make small changes, it can turn into an ideal place to relax.

It turns out that the length of many common toilet cabins coincides with the length of a twin mattress. It can take an old chest of drawers, to restore him to paint in the right color and arrange the bed with a lot of storage boxes.

The bed of the chest

Nice bed with your hands

The bed of kitchen shutters

Originally wonderful corner beds were the kitchen table. Not surprisingly, in its lot of space for all kinds of children's clothes and toys storage. Even there is a corner for the game.

Bed of a bookcase