african interior

Exotic ethno interiors ideal uniquely original because you are late. But there is also a need to keep a sense of proportion. Based on this, if you are not really ready to create extraordinary African interior. Another unusual brightness is alternatively possible only in the interior of certain parts, such as, for example, there are styles such as colonial and art deco. But suddenly a scary experience is still ready, under such circumstances, you are very welcome in kvav Africa!

In the interior of their own home in African style for the base instructions to take the usual characteristics caused by climate raisins, natural, and in addition, used material. In most cases, designers issue a mixture of internal components of Ukraine's population housing in different locations. So in most cases, two of the pan-African ethnic styles stand out: Egyptian and Moroccan.

Before you start creating African style in the interior, it is necessary to decide in which order, what is the purpose of: one task is to bring only some African color shades in the interior or it will be the most complete repeat of the most important characteristic of a row of African homes. While the course is chosen, it is possible to start translating their own ideas.

In short, these aspects are inherent, colorful, dynamic, energy, contrast and expression. On the one hand there is the simplicity and minimalism of shape, otherwise, the interior and primitive brutality of the bill, along with all this, there are brightness and contrast colors in accessories and textiles. In most cases, the interior reflects the image of the world, based on this, natural colors and natural materials are used. Encouraged an abundance of decorative African skills that are very primitive.

Since the image is available in the reminder of the burning sun, the sand in the desert and jungle, and the color palette are suitably determined such shades as sand, brown, terracotta, orange, yellow, brick and marsh green. It would be necessary parties connected that the current color – it is yellow and brown (bark, charcoal, saffron, honey, baked milk, cinnamon, amber and so on). In general, the color in the interior should not only warm and warm, the atmosphere in Africa itself. It is also possible to meet and mix with the dark shade of fire, as a reminder of the fire, as well as the color skins of animals living in Africa. It allowed like introductory shades of blue light, but only in small amounts and as a stop. In other words, we must not forget the fact that all the colors used were natural.

Variants exist sufficiently enough. For example, it is possible to apply that wallpaper with a pattern that simulates skin reptiles or the color of wildlife. Perhaps combining the wallpaper, with usual, has the texture of plaster with color, for example, with the imitation of exotic leather. A possible wall or even on a warm white color. To make the brightness, fit the border, have African ornamentation, it is possible to single or paper-painted flowers. By the way, the walls fit to decorate painted silhouettes of animals. In addition, as an alternative, it is possible to give the walls of the nobility through a network of narrow cracks, imitating African soil, cracked by drought. Allows two ink colors to be used, one of which is accentual and the other one. Also useful skills and a special Crackle Nurn Crackle nail art performed on putty and paint. Apart from this, the use of decorative plaster has another alternative walls. Significantly better if the patch artificially "bear". From time to time, some of the walls finished with fabric with African jewelry, and suddenly is a bathroom or kitchen, it is fully possible mosaic for walls or tiles with imitation reptile skin structure.

Alternatively, the carpet flooring, especially tire styling. Quite the place to be matte carpet that will resemble an African hut, which has always been a rug to sleep badly. Above all, there are bamboo floors, in most cases in the form of large plates or laminates, which also imagine entertaining answers to the floor. On the floor the carpet was sent handmade, made of eye-catching thread.

As far as the roof is concerned, it can be recommended in a warm white color. By the way, very good choice of fabric drapery directly under the roof. What if you want to do something unique, then attach the rules of ebony to the ceiling, and put on them sharp or bamboo stalks. By the way, bamboo tiles are not only for six, but also to the ceiling. They are mounted directly on the base or the roof is suspended on the box, and all this helps to create an additional sense of presence in this African hut.

As for furniture, here too, we must not forget that the most important condition of natural materials radiates or otherwise, very high quality imitations. If we say about Africa, the most important materials such as sugar cane, rosewood, bamboo, sandal, rattan, clay, and furthermore, leather, reptile skin, animal skin savanna, palm bark. A furniture is made of wood, is simple, heavy and rough, it has a geometric shape. Furniture optionally supplemented with painting or carving. Relevant in this interior, and wrought iron furniture and know with pillows and pillow-top mattresses and blankets hanging carelessly. Amazing looks soft furniture in dark brown leather, like bamboo furniture.