a terrible beauty scarecrow in country

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unusual bogey
For centuries it was considered the best bird scarecrow of the garden from birds, frequented by the harvest festival. Today, it continues to be installed in the gardens of the cottages. With time afraid, more fashionable, attractive and acquired human moves become.

To create a scarecrow, textiles and sacks can be used
Make a scarecrow of skulls of wood boards, crossed each other, and filled with hay. For realism wear old clothes, hats, dresses, pants, shirts. The head can also be made from textiles or use the old ball.

Birds are afraid of blue

Elegantly scared in denim suit

sweet birdcream

classic in the genre
It is believed that the birds are careful with blue color, so it is recommended to wear Horticultural guard in jackets and pants in the shade. Ideal for this purpose unnecessary jeans fit.

Creating a scarecrow must keep in mind that it should be human growth. For realism, you can supplement with a pitcher. It is also better to equip it with noisy elements – foil, cans, old spoons. Should they just hang on a few places close to each other that they fought with each other and bring noise when it blows.

Good scarecrow
To not fall from hay scarecrows, you must sew all holes and sew the sleeves. It is advisable to make improvised hands. You can wear protective gloves.

Experienced gardeners today not only traditional scarecrows and use all kinds of materials at hand to create a kitchen garden guard. For example, make a birdcake of flower pots.

fun bird cream

The pump is not durable, but it looks impressive bogey
But a long time it will be the Scarecrow Dosage. It will scare the birds with their brilliance.

Scarecrow doser
Today bogey did not just scare away birds. Thus gardener decorate your website and show your originality. Therefore, often for such "artifacts" sew special clothes, they make friendly person smiles, decorated with decorative flowers.

cheerful bird cream
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