a few secrets interior a small room


Small room deserves to be as comfortable as possible. But additionally every owner wants to achieve the impossible – to tighten the boundaries space while the available space. We will open you some secrets of how to make the interior of the little room comfortable and cozy.

Say a company's "no" contrasting shades and give preference to bright colors. Feel free to choose green, pink, blue, apricot, cream and white;

· Pick up furniture in bright colors. These colors, of course, less practical, but the interior of a small room with them will look more spacious, air-filled;

· Create the interior in a small room, get rid of "excesses". Do not mess the space with unnecessary furniture, and lots of accessories;

· Floors and ceilings are better to ask in the same colors as the walls of the room. So a small inner space looks more spacious, without knowing the boundaries;

· Use in the interior wall mirrors, which will contribute visually to the "push" boundaries of the premises. In addition, good mirror faces reflect light, making it larger amount,

· Surprisingly, in the interior of the small room it is better to use large tablecloths than the small pictures on the walls;

· Furniture should be placed against the walls;

· Glass and mirrors the decoration of furniture and other interior items, immerse yourself in a world of gaming highlights, reflections and lights. In addition, a transparent, weightless glass creates a sense of open space,

· Do not hide behind massive window curtains, emitting more light into the house. Alternatively you can use Roman blinds;