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How to make a plate to shine?

The kitchen always looks attractive, if the plate shines on cleanliness. How to achieve this effect and clean unpleasant fat stains without problems, it dried the clay on the grids and buds? There are a number of people remedies, many of which are still being used by our grandmothers. These simple techniques are relevant to modern housewives.

Clean plate – an integral part of the elegant interior
1. All cleaning work to be carried out in rubber or silicone gloves, regardless of the methods to be used.

People remedies for cleaning plates
3. With greasy stains, lemon juice can be well. Not for restaurants with fish and meat served lemon juice or a slice of citrus that happens is always cleaned by oily deposits. To wash unpleasant stains left after frying stew, sprinkle the plate surface is freshly squeezed lemon or rubbing their meat.

Soda – a true helper of every housewife
2. The first and best assistant in the kitchen will baking powder. It makes gloss glass and pots and plates to cope with pollution sometimes. Of course, it is desirable to pull a small amount of warm water and sprinkle baking soda before cleaning the plate. After 5-10 minutes, you must rub the stain away dirty water and rinse the surface. Soda gently cleans the plate, it does not scratch, does not smell and perfectly washed away.

The skinny plate attracts the eye
4th iron sponge to forget. They can even destroy the steel surface and leave scratches on it. It is best to use fungus with a lint-free base, which is softened by water, but cleaned efficiently and mildly, even dried dirt.

cleaning pens
5. To clean the pens are ideal for Old Toothbrushes.

Apple cider vinegar – a powerful detergent
7. One of the most popular house cures is vinegar. With an average contamination of stains, clear solution of vinegar and water in a ratio of one to one. The most effective is apple cider vinegar. To enhance the effect of the solution may be to add a small soda. By the way, this tool is also suitable for cleaning the oven.

Soap is also struggling with dirt on the plate
9. Soap – a universal tool that helps housewives in the laundry. But not everyone knows it's a good idea to use and to clean the plate. To do this, plan about 50 grams of soap (100 ml of water) in a small bowl and pour boiling water over it, move carefully. Such a mixture is necessary to treat problem areas and leave the solution on a plate for 15-20 minutes, then rinse the surface and rinse thoroughly Smutsen.

Earlier we wrote about the unusual characteristics of soda. It turns out that it can be used not only for cooking or cleaning the plate.