5 very unusual houses live which dare not everyone

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Non-standard housing.
Every year more and more architecture design-abundant and unusual buildings and thus allegedly proving living in a regular house is no longer in fashion. These are almost transparent glass buildings and houses are transformed from churches. This review presents 5 very unusual houses to live do not dare everyone.

The house where it is impossible to retire.

The house where everyone shows.
To create such an unusual house (House NA), the well-known architect Sou Fujimoto (Sou Fujimoto) was inspired by the lives of their ancestors, who are like a tree. A large number of transitions represent branches that moved people. In fairness it should be noted that the original author does not borrow, but to live in such an "open", clean the house does not dare everyone.

Slide House – a house with a picture.

The house, which can be used instead of steps up.
To make life in your own home, it does not seem boring, Japanese company Architects Level Architects with one hand container constructed stage, and the other – a hill. Now, children and adults, may be happy with the third floor for the first trip with the wind.

The house where you can ride a skateboard.

The house where you can ride a skateboard.
The mom said earlier, "Do not go around the house on the reels and board", can now be enjoyed. Malibu are built houses that are both residential and ramp skating. The structure is made of environmentally friendly material, and a special ventilation prevents wood rassyhatsya.Samy narrow house in the world

House in Warsaw, where the width is only 92 cm.

Keret House – the narrowest house in the world.
Keret House is considered to be one of the narrowest house buildings in the world. He is based in Warsaw and has as many as three floors. The widest distance between the walls is 152 cm and the narrowest – only 92 cm in the house is inhabited by the Israeli author Etgar Keret (Etgar Keret) ..

Church, changed to residential apartments.

Church, changed to residential apartments.
The company is active in the Zecc Architectural Management of Churches in the Home. The situation is that a large number of medieval religious monuments are in decline, and converting them into residential apartments – the only way to save the building from undermining. Another 10 homes can be offered original ideas on how to arrange your life unconventionally.