25 ideas after which do not want to throw away cardboard boxes

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How to Recycle Cardboard

Ideas, after which do not want to throw away cartons

After shopping, not only are nice feelings and cartons underneath the shoes and other accessories. Many of them do not have an attractive design, but you can not fix it, even be a professional interior designer. After all, ordinary cartons can decorate the inside, and become comfortable storage systems for what's comfortable. We collected ideas, after which they just did not want to throw out.

Here is a small list of what can be stored in cartons:

A good solution for malogabaritki
Small lockable box – a godsend proprietor malogabaritok where acute is the problem of storage. They are compact and easy to use, they can hide under the bed, put on a rack, remove the middle floor or in a niche. Their advantage is small size and space.

• Children's toys. Especially designers and puzzles with nice details. • Cosmetics, jewelry, hair accessories. This idea really appreciated the girls who love to take care of themselves. • Charging from mobiles, tablets, laptops. Often a special place in these items is not, so they will always be in one place, which will reduce the time to find the right charge. • Towels, infant items, diapers. In the newborn baby is irreplaceable box. They systematize storage personal care baby. Certainly it is better to sew for a box of cloth lids that can be removed and washed. • Accessories for creativity. There are always a lot of creative people tools to implement their ideas. In this artist's pens, paint, sketches, brushes, papers, from lovers of sewing and knitting – scissors, threads, yarns, needles. Contains all items in that order is possible with cartons. • Shoes. As paradoxically it can sound, but in boxes with a shoe can be stored shoes! For example, in winter add summer sandals and flip-flops, and during the warmer months to hide boots and shoes.

Storage zaryadok by phone

Now the fee will be in one place

Stylish and functional!

storage jewelry

Organizer for creating objects

organizer pen

Essential storage system in the nursery

In the offseason in the boxes can be stored shoes

For this, the most common materials are available in each home:

Decorate the box can be pages from an old atlas

nice storage

If you want, you can log in

These boxes can not hide

The box is decorated with jute

• which will be used to decorate the front of the beginning of all works are at the same time thoughtful construction boxes, try their wallpaper or fabric. • It is advisable to decorate a drawer for a large desk that is illuminated. Ideally if it is through the window and daylight smoothly falls on the surface. • A working person should not influence anything on the table. • Handy tools: Transparent and double-sided tape, scissors, PVA glue, wire, clip, stapler, scissors, letter knife, ruler, chalk, pen.

Before and after

To decorate a box, do not have to be a decorator

perfect solution

The elegant drawer that will adorn all rooms
There are still many interesting ideas to effectively use the space in the apartment and make it more functional. To see this is to look at 20 things simple storage ideas.