19 original shelves and racks which are real decoration walls

Coat Rack with Floating Shelf, Modern Farmhouse, Rustic
Rustic Wall Mounted Coat Rack with Shelf // by WillsWorkshoppe

The original wall and shelves.
The walls of the house can not be decorated with barracks and all kinds of fines. Choosing the right furniture will be the best decoration. In the new review we have collected the most elegant and practical examples of shelves.

Original shelf in the form of a romb.
Careful design of wood and metal.

Wrought iron shelf.
Elegant wrought iron shelf gold in nybarock style.

Shelves like a tree.
Beautiful wooden rack rack that fits perfectly into the interior of a child's room.

Bookshelves around the window.

The original round shelves for storing books.

Triangular rack.
An unusual and very spacious shelves in the shape of a large triangle with several shelves for storing a variety of things.

Shelves with carved patterns.
The charming white shelves, decorated with carved patterns and decorative elements, perfect for placing flowers and potted plants.

Wooden shelves on forged frame.
Charming shelves, similar steps.

Shelf like a fire ladder.
Metal shelves in the form of fire ladders.

Plastic shelves.
Modern plastic rack with a plurality of circular holes.

Wooden cors shelves.
Minimalist shelf in the form of wooden crosses.

Wood modular devices.
Unusual wooden shelves in the form of wood modular units.

The composition of the three-square shelves.
Charming regiment, consisting of three consecutive squares.

The shelves in the form of beech trees.
Amazing shelves in the form of book trees that will adorn every interior.

Shelf like cells.
Interesting design shelves for storage of tools.

Bookcase in the form of scales.
The original design of the weights for storing books.

Wood corner shelf.
Unusual wooden shelf, which will help to effectively use the angular space.