18 fantastic staircases in interiors modern houses

20 Elegant Modern Staircase Designs Youll Become Fond Of

Design stairs in the interior.
Stairway in the interior – part of application and decorative. And if its main purpose more or less clear, then its aesthetic characteristics depend on the wishes of the owners. So the best you can give your home a bright personality by choosing one of several options for a staircase.

Classic staircase and original chandelier.

Staircase in the style of Art Nouveau.
Luxurious wooden staircase with smooth smooth pearls and intricate construction steps.

Classic staircase that looks amazing thanks to the chandelier with long glass pendants.

The staircase in a minimalist style.

Stunning black staircase with flat steps, which looks like floating in the air.

Stairs in vintage style.
Wrought iron spiral staircase that looks like it is made of the finest threads inscribed in beautiful patterns.

Stairs with colorful handrails.
A simple concrete staircase, which is decorated with red metal railing.

Stairs in Mediterranean style.
Stairs, steps decorated with colorful Mediterranean-style patterns.

Stairs to a small house.
Original and practical staircase with steps of varying heights, arranged in two rows.

Bright staircase.

Light wooden staircase with thin metal rails, through which it appears to float in the air.

Futuristic staircase.
Futuristic staircase of Italian design, which looks like a piece of modern art.

Compact staircase with intricate design.

Stege-back «Folio Staircase».
A spiral staircase resembling a spinal structure.

Unique design staircase made of wood and metal.

A huge staircase.
A large staircase with solid wrought iron railing.

An elegant staircase.
Stairs without rails with elegant design steps.

Soft staircase.

In addition, these 19 luxury Mediterranean stairs are just created to make the interior is not only spectacular, but also comfortable.