14 budget tricks that help restore and transform interior

Check out these 14 incredible ideas that are sure to jazz up your mobile home!

Simple and cheap ideas that help transform the inside.
To change the look of their heminte necessarily is taken in the repair and decoration of a lot of money. In the new survey we have collected a lot of other technicians that will make the home more comfortable and beautiful, bring extra comfort and freshness.

Mirrors in the bedroom.
Large mirrors on the walls and wardrobe doors, help to expand the boundaries of space, as well as solve the problem of dim light and make the room more elegant.

Even a small mirror of the original frame can be exquisite decoration in the room. Decorate a picture frame, you can use artificial flowers, shells, pearls, twigs and more.

Unusual mirror frames.

The original fixtures.

Light in the interior gives us a lot of features. Turn an old-eyed chandelier into an artwork. Replace a lampshade, we can make the room bright and saturated, or more gloomy and mysterious.

The original curtain rod.
Curtains – an important part of interior, manually mounted curtains – only half the battle. The overview of the room depends on the roof list. Unusual ceiling feet accentuate the beauty curtains and the whole room.

Replacement of furniture handle.
If you can not replace the old furniture, try replacing at least furniture handles. Use leather, glass, plastic toys, ropes and other suitable things to update the look of old furniture.

Decor walls through wires.

Modern facilities can not imagine nonelectric devices. Consequently, in every home, the need for masking electrical wiring and cables for safety and aesthetic reasons. However, not all cables are hidden because of them, you can create beautiful pictures on the walls.

The cozy bedroom furnishings.
Curtains and drapes are suitable not only for Windows. They can be hung in doorways, curtain gazebo in the garden or use of bedroom furnishings. Thick curtains can be hung in the gable or make a ceiling of light transparent curtains.

Bright battery in the interior.

Radiators in our apartments do not always look beautiful. Correcting the situation will help high-quality color. With bright colors and soft transitions, you can turn the old battery into a real highlight of the room.

Conversion of old furniture.
Do not hurry to get rid of old furniture. Add colored paper, color, fabrics, vinyl stickers and your imagination to transform lumpy furniture into the elegant and unique interior.

Family pictures on the walls.
Update the wall, hide bugs in the locker room, and add comfort to help a beautiful family photo in or on the canvas.

Decorative fireplace.
Not everyone can afford to have a real fireplace that makes the room cozy and luxurious. But, of course, everyone's strength makes a decorative fireplace in the package.

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