12 great ideas that will make a masterpiece out of the kitchen interior in dark colors


For fans of bold solutions suitable interior kitchens, where the vast majority of surfaces, ie furniture facades, floors, walls, ceilings, designed in the same dark color. But to avoid the feeling of being in a closed box, the interior of the kitchen you need to add details in white. This could be porcelain on open shelves, kitchen apron, sink, countertop. The kitchen will look dramatic, but not depressing.

The combination of matte and glossy textures-classical way of living the interior of the kitchen in dark colors. But the shiny plastic, which was a few years ago, was a modern material for kitchen shutters, it is no longer relevant. Therefore, we recommend as a brilliant accent in the design of choosing kitchen apron. To a room's look
harmoniously, there must be a pair of shades lighter than furniture fronts.

Interior coloring that includes two or more dark shades, looks noble and unusual. To create a harmonious blend, also used in the design details of a neutral color – beige, white, gray. Try an unusual combination of dark colors: green and blue, blue and purple, brown and blue. We guarantee that this kitchen just does not look boring.

Wood – one of the materials that make any kitchen more comfortable, the interior is decorated in dark colors. To achieve the desired effect, select shades of light wood with expressed consistency. Do not forget about wood protection. After all, a kitchen – a room where all surfaces are exposed to the true test of strength.

Dark tones – perfect background for a natural material with a smooth surface and non-uniform color, such as marble. If the original target does not fit into the budget, you can use artificial stone. High-quality analogue is no less spectacular than the original, and often more practical to use.

Restless furnishings in dark traditional food colors will be more relevant to fill it with modern facilities. Stay on the original model, to draw attention. For example, with chrome-plated metal parts in retro style.

If the kitchen, where they are vertical and horizontal, dark, it appears that the innovative system is too innovative. For floors and furniture, choose saturated shade, wall and ceiling – a lighter. The contrasting colors may be better to choose a color duo components.

Dark kitchen furniture with traditional design several closets often look too massive. So pay attention to the sets of alternative designs, for example with open shelves.

Combining in the inner contrast colors in kitchen-like proportions very carefully. In this case, the risk of creating a tasteless decoration is quite large. Therefore, we recommend adding some light parts of a large size. A suitable alternative – an extravagant set of regular chairs.

Alternatives to the kitchen color schemes are limited only by your imagination. But when the appropriate area is chosen, it's time to solve no less important issues. For example, how to make a small elegant kitchen.