10 incredible kitchen appliances that you can find online stores

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A cup-stainless steel thermos a cartridge.
Perhaps every woman wants to make sinful kitchen and irresistible. And in fact, it takes a little bit – some fun things that are appealing to the eye and thus be useful in the kitchen affairs. In our review of 10-ka positively unbelievable gadgets that can be found on the Internet.

Blue, green, pink.

The shell made of crystal.

$ 1.99The hand of this unique is made so scoop neck and head of the famous monster. Therefore, when the goat is in the pot, it seems like out of her pipe Nessie. The unit is resistant to high temperatures and is sold in three colors – blue, green and pink.

$ 2.70This glass sure will appeal to fans of the supernatural and a gloomy stories. It is made of thick glass and looks like a skull made of crystal, with a slit top.

Functional and fun.

Sugar – sweet dead.

Star Wars in a glass.

$ 3.79 Worldwide, there are millions of fans of the Star Wars series. Certainly, each of them will like the idea that his glass of whiskey or tea should splash around a miniature ice-cream "Death Star."


I have got my left sleeve from the projectile

$ 8.88This 30 ml beaker volume is perfect for traveling because it is made in the form of a screwdriver thermos ball. It can store tea or coffee hot for as long as 12 hours.

Good morning darling.

$ 2.69Next fun stuff for the kitchen is made for entertainment only. The intention is that eggs or pancakes were obtained in form skulls.

$ 2.54This small ceramic folding knife with a very sharp knife is ideal for kitchens and rest areas. A special charm gives him a knife like a crowded bird.


$ 22.99 This device for filling beer as a visitor bar has already been dubbed "giraffe beer", containing a liter of beer. It can be used in the home for the release not only beer, but some alcohol, as well as water, juice or soda.

Beer giraffe.